Beware of Ongoing Scam, Scam Alert

Beware of Ongoing Scam!

Some members have been receiving fraudulent calls that look like it is coming from ILWU Credit Union or other financial institutions. The scammer indicates that there is a problem or fraud on your account and asks for your login credentials, account numbers, PINs, etc.

ILWU Credit Union will NEVER call you and ask for this personal information. PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND to these calls, texts or emails and NEVER give your account information, login credentials, including PINs, secured access codes, or other personal identifying information to anyone, including the Credit Union. These fraudsters will try to scare and pressure you into giving out this information.

Don’t be a victim.

If you receive this type of call or text, please do not give out any information. Simply hang up on the caller. If you did provide information to these scammers, please contact the Credit Union immediately at 866.445.9828 to report, so we can prevent fraud from occurring on your account.

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