Auto Buying

Our goal is to help our Members find the car, truck or SUV they want at a fair price with low-cost financing from ILWU Credit Union. Whether you want to find a vehicle on your own at one of our Longshoreman VIP Program Dealer partners, or have Autoland, our car buying service, do the legwork for you, ILWU Credit Union has an auto-buying solution to suit every Member.

Car Buying Made EASY with Autoland!

As a member of ILWU Credit Union, you have access to great auto loan rates and a better car buying experience with Autoland. Autoland works for you, saving you both time and hassle to get your perfect vehicle at a fair price. There's absolutely no obligation and your personal Autoland Consultant is available to help you regardless of where you buy your next car.

No-hassle, no-haggle car buying with Autoland means:

Start your car search now! Go to the Autoland website or call 800.234.6999 today to work with a personal Consultant.

Enterprise Car Sales

ILWU Credit Union has partnered with Enterprise Car Sales to offer you a seamless purchase experience with financing options to fit your needs. Whether you want to buy, sell or trade, Enterprise Car Sales can help. Visit Enterprise Car Sales to a great deal on high quality used cars with haggle-free buying and worry-free ownership.

The ILWU Credit Union Longshoreman VIP Auto Buying Program

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Additional Benefits of financing at ILWU Credit Union: