Account Access

Account Access

ATM / Debit Cards

ATM Card

Your ILWU Credit Union ATM Card gives you access to over 30,000 fee free ATM's throughout the nation anytime of the day or night.

Our ATM Cards feature:

Visa Debit Card

ILWU Credit Union Visa Debit Card is convenient, secure and accepted at millions of locations worldwide. Shopping has never been easier. Either online, at stores, or over the phone.

Our VISA Debit Cards feature:

To find an ATM or Shared Branch near you click here.

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Worldwide Fraud Protection

*In partnership with Falcon Fraud, ILWU Credit Union monitors your account for fraudulent activity. Due to the high amount of fraudulent cards activity, ILWU Credit Union Debit Cards will not work in these countries: Estonia, Romania, Thailand, Ukraine, Iran, Sudan, Philippines, Russia, Turkey, Cuba, Myanmar (Burma) and South Africa.

To contact Falcon Fraud directly please call 888.241.2440.