The tragic events of the last few weeks – many involving the killing of unarmed Black individuals, including George Floyd in Minneapolis, Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, and Breonna Taylor in Louisville – coming on the heels of the worst pandemic in the past hundred years and an unemployment rate matching Great Depression era levels - have shaken our nation to the core.

In particular, the revolting image of a handcuffed man being put to death by law enforcement has cast a bright light on a pattern of racial discrimination and inequality which all people of conscience must clearly reject.

As a credit union which serves a membership composed of a significant number of people of color, we want to be clear about where we stand:

ILWU Federal Credit Union is opposed to bigotry, hatred and inequality in all its forms, indirect and overt.

ILWU Federal Credit Union is proud to employ and serve members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU), a strong Union founded on the principals of equality and fairness, who have a long history of fighting against racism and social injustice.

Everyday our diverse team works toward improving the financial lives of all members. We embrace the core values of inclusiveness, integrity and equality to the best of our ability and we will continue to do so for however long it takes for this nation to fully recognize its founding principle: β€œAll [people] are created equal.”