Regulation D

Federal transfer limits, set by the Federal Reserve through Regulation D, help to regulate the level of reserves a financial institution must maintain. Federal regulations require credit unions, as well as commercial banks and other financial institutions, to limit the way withdrawals are made from a savings account.


The Federal Reserve Bank’s Regulation D limits certain withdrawals and transfers from your savings and money market share accounts to a total of six (6) per account per calendar month. The six withdrawals exclude items such as automatic transfers to loan payments, ATM withdrawals and withdrawals made in person at the teller window.

ILWU Credit Union must comply with Reg D and enforce the transfer limit. As a result we can no longer allow a 7th transfer to occur on your account. This may result in NSF and/or Overdraft Privilege fees being charged to your checking account if you are unable to transfer the funds from your savings to cover your checking transactions. We encourage members who need to make more than six (6) transfers per month out of their savings account to open our FREE checking account for their everyday transactions.

To help you understand the Reg. D savings account transaction limitations, and to avoid excess activity charges, please review the following information:

Limited Transactions – No more than 6 per month from any savings or money market account

Unlimited Transactions

Tips to Avoid Exceeding Regulation D Limits

Use your checking account, which is not subject to Regulation D, for the majority of your transactions to avoid reaching the Reg D limits on your savings or money market accounts. You can make unlimited transactions from your checking account.

We recommend that you:

What to Do If You Exceed Federal Transfer Limits

If you have reached the limit for transfers from your savings or money market account this month, you can still transfer the money at an ATM or in person at a ILWU Credit Union branch, since these types of transactions are not subject to Regulation D.

If you have any questions about the Regulation D, please contact a Member Services Representative at 866.445.9828.