ILWU Credit Union

Telephone Banking Made Simple!

To access CUTALK call: 310-834-6411 or 866-4ILWUCU and Press 5.
OR 310-834-6414 (Direct connect)

You will need to know your member number and the access code to CUTALK.


Once you hear the welcome greeting, say "VOICE". If you want to use the full voice response (this will shorten your call time) say "HEY MAX".

History (acct or loan) List all transactions on my **
Balance (acct or loan) What is my ** balance
Checks Cleared/Single Check cleared List all check history
Inquire on check in my checking
Transfer Funds (acct or loan) Can you transfer money from my ** to my **
Withdraw a Check   Withdraw by check $ from my **
Cancel Cards Report stolen my Debit (or ATM) card
Stop Payment on Check Place a stop payment on check #.

**Any account or loan - when stating an account please use the word account after (example: Checking account).

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