ILWU Credit Union

Secured Visa Credit Card

The Perfect University Tool for Your Child

Build your child's credit history as they earn their degree. One card can go a long way.

1. Pay for school essentials and establish a good credit history
2. Enjoy a standard rate that remains at 10.95%APR*
3. Use your ILWUCU Secured Credit Card responsibly
4. Complete the application online

Get your ILWUCU Secured Visa Credit Card today!

- You choose a limit - from $500 to $2500
- Standard rate of 10.95%APR*
- 24-7 online access and security
- No annual fee

Your child's credit limit†is guaranteed by†a security deposit amount. Your security deposit will†earn interest, is refundable and builds your child's credit history.

Convenient online account access
View transactions and balance information online anytime, or authorize automatic payments. Set up online access for your current ILWUCU†Secured Visa

Lost or stolen cards
Call our Visa service center at 800/ 301-2424 or 800/ 322-8472.

Credit card agreements
Download ILWUCUís
current credit card agreement.

*APR is Annual Percentage Rate. APR is subject to change, for purchases. Security deposit is required to obtain card. Credit Limit based on amount of security deposit.† Funds are held in Secured Credit Card Savings Account and are refundable.† Security deposit is held as guarantee for credit card. Security deposit held until secured card cancelled. Funds refunded at time of cancellation.† Minimum deposit is $500 (five hundred dollars) Maximum deposit is $2,500 (two thousand five hundred dollars). Other terms and conditions apply. Review Secured Credit Card disclosures for further information.
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